• In the tourism industry, we have extensive experience in providing services to hotels, tour operators and travel agencies, offering legal assistance in the development of their routine activities in the country, including corporate issues, tax issues, labor, contract, permits and licenses and development of hotel projects and classification under the law of tourism incentives.
  • In free zones, we provide advice in negotiating leases as well as all legal services needed by free zone parks and companies, from obtaining the corresponding installation permits to handling all issues concerning tax, customs and environmental matters.
  • Finally, in the film industry, our services include advice in the investments in the sector, obtaining filming permits, registration processes, seeking provisional and definite classifications for purposes of obtaining the corresponding tax incentives for theater, film and recording studio projects.


TRONCOSO Y CÁCERES provides legal advice in all types of environmental issues and related industries exploiting natural resources. Our services include obtaining of environmental permits and licenses, defense in administrative proceedings relating to environmental damage or alleged violations of the law, as well as advice and monitoring to ensure compliance with environmental obligations.


TRONCOSO Y CÁCERES has had, for many years, a wide and extensive mining practice covering all segments of the business, from negotiating agreements relating to exploration projects, agreements for the use and/or purchase of real estate, negotiations with rural communities, as well as transfer of mining rights agreements and servitude agreements. Our practice in the mining industry includes procedures aimed at obtaining mining rights, maintenance of mineral properties, negotiation mechanisms for use and / or purchase of land properties.


Our legal advice covers all matters related to laws and regulation affecting the energy sector and relations with state utilities companies and any general advice that may be needed, as well as all types of legal advice to electric companies for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity The firm has extensive experience in the field of renewable hydroelectric energy and wind farms, having advised client companies in the industry.


TRONCOSO Y CÁCERES advises international airlines in all matters related to compliance with sector specific regulations, such as in the areas of aircraft registration and the subscription and registration of purchase and sale or lease agreements. Our experience in this field includes obtaining permits and approvals necessary for the operation of foreign airlines in the Dominican Republic, as well as providing ongoing legal assistance, once these companies have established their business in the country, including passenger and cargo claims, accidents, and other conflicts.

Our maritime law practice includes advising in the sale and financing of vessels, including the execution and registration of security documents, issuing legal opinions, maritime claims covered by insurance and registration of local and foreign vessels and executing mortgages thereon, as in matters relating to civil liability of the carrier and the consignee and port concessions.


  • Our legal advice includes procedures of a regulatory nature, on negotiating and executing interconnection agreements between providers, as well as obtaining various approvals, licenses, permits, and certificates, from the appropriate regulatory authorities.
  • We provide advise on the impact of telecommunications legislation, the provisions on competition and on issues related to products, prices, taxes and compliance with local laws and regulations.
  • We assist in regulatory issues related to computer and high technology crimes, electronic commerce, data protection, software licensing, internet banking and electronic banking crimes.
  • We also serve our clients in arbitration to resolve disputes that may arise between telecom service providers before the regulatory body, and to defend the interests of our clients in administrative and judicial litigation.


TRONCOSO Y CÁCEREShas advised clients on the establishment of baseball camps in the Dominican Republic devoted to the training Dominican players who can qualify for MLB teams. In this sense, the firm has worked on all legal issues related to the installation and running of these camp for MLB teams in the country, such as employment contracts, corporate, tax, and real estate law as well as all other regulatory matters.


TRONCOSO Y CÁCERES has a substantial and continuing practice in the defense and prosecution of all types of litigation, including commercial and trade disputes, local and international commercial arbitration and mediation, as well as legal representation in judicial cases before ordinary law courts or tribunals created by special laws, all in order to serve its broad portfolio of national and international clients, in all areas of the law.


TRONCOSO Y CÁCERES offers legal advice and represents individuals in a broad range of personal issues of a legal nature. Our practice includes services in divorce cases, prenuptial agreements, immigration and domestic services, child custody issues, separation agreements, inheritance and donation cases, judicial distribution of assets and execution of wills and testaments, assessment and payment of personal taxes, execution of proxies and special powers or attorney, estate planning, trusts, incorporation of entities for personal business ventures and writing and reviewing all types of agreements and contracts.


TRONCOSO Y CÁCERES has extensive experience providing services to foreign companies establishing business operations in the country, with respect to matters concerning the processing and obtaining, for their expatriate staff, of visas, temporary and permanent residence permits, business visas, and work visas. We also offer naturalization services for purposes of obtaining the Dominican nationality for foreign individuals.